Northern Route

This route will take you northwards to marvellous beaches such as Salada and Gracioneta. You’ll also find Punta Galera and the Foradada bay, two untouched, undeveloped areas, where the Ibiza coastline is pure and where you will find calm waters.

8-Calas Gracio y Gracioneta

These two small, neighbouring coves are separated by no more than a thin stretch of rock. Because of the sandy bottom, both boast the typical, picture-perfect sparkling turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands.

Tip: Gracioneta at 20 metres long, is one of the smallest coves in Ibiza. As you might guess, it can only be reached on foot, because there is no parking available nearby. But you have a boat, so take this opportunity to visit it by sea!

9-Punta Galera

This marvellous, harmonious part of Ibiza looks even more beautiful from the sea. It is an unspoilt cove with no buildings. It has horizontal sandstone formations that jut out from the water like shelves.

This is a quiet place, which is difficult to reach by road. The fact that it is not a sandy beach also keeps visitor numbers down.

Tip: this cove is popular with snorkelers. The rocky sea bed and sparkling waters are brimming with marine life.

Tip: A wonderful spot to watch the sun go down. If you want to stay for the sunset, remember that it is a 25-minute trip back to the port of Sant Antoni, so leave straight away.

10-Calas Salada y Saladeta

Relatively unscathed by development and surrounded by greenery, Salada and Saladetas are beloved, popular coves in Ibiza. Both are welcoming, sheltered, sandy spots, with clean turquoise water. The beautiful azure sea is set off by the deep green pine forest that surrounds these small beaches.

Tip: The strip of rock that separates both beaches is great for jumping into the water. Look carefully before you leap, because in some places the sea is very shallow and you may hit the bottom.

11- Foradada Bay and Point

This is one of the best places to visit with a rental boat. There are no buildings here, and no roads lead to this unspoilt spot. The only way to reach Foradada Bay is by boat.

Comments: Foradada Bay is rocky. There is no sand and no beach. This has kept the coastal landscape in its natural state, protected from tourism. It is a charming haven of peace where you can drop anchor and snorkel.

12- Sunset

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunset, and there are endless perfect places to enjoy one around Sant Antoni.

Tip: if you want a lively atmosphere, the area of coast around the Café del Mar terrace is a hotspot for watching the sun go down to the sound of house and chill-out music. This is such a famous venue that the beach tends to get packed with people. You’ll have the best seat in the house from your rental boat. Drop anchor and get a magnificent view of the horizon. You’ll be the envy of all….

Tip: For a more peaceful, romantic sunset experience, the coves around Sant Antoni offer endless possibilities. After hours driving around, you will be familiar with the region. Pick your favourite spot and stop the motor. They’re all perfect!

Tip: Skippers without a licence are not permitted to travel at night (nor are they equipped to do so).

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