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Why rent a boat in Ibiza with a license?

Did you know that, by choosing a boat rental with a license, you can become captain of one of our boats? At Open Boats, we offer fully-equipped boats of up to 7 metres in length, with more space and features than the boats without a license, which you can captain yourself if you have the necessary qualification.

While boat rentals without a license are increasingly popular, this type of “all-abilities” boat clearly cannot compete with the types of boats you can pilot if you have a boat navigation license: you’ll have access to larger, more powerful boats in which you can travel greater distances when you set out on your trip.

Many boat rental companies only offer these types of boats if a professional skipper pilots them, but isn’t it much more exciting to take hold of the tiller yourself, and travel the coast of Ibiza at your leisure, with more privacy? That’s why, here at Open Boats, we offer you boat rentals in Ibiza without a skipper: because we know that, like us, you love the sea and want to enjoy it by piloting one of our boats as if it were your own, going where your seafaring instincts take you. What are you waiting for?


What does our boat rental in Ibiza without a skipper include?

With Open Boats, you can enjoy a yacht charter in Ibiza without a skipper with your comfort and security fully assured. Our boats are equipped with the full range of amenities: there’s everything you need to take to the sea in complete safety and enjoy the Ibizan coast, with its sandy beaches and little coves.

From our base in the well-located Sant Antoni de Portmany harbour, you can rent boats with a license of up to 7 metres in length that include luxury features: fridge, music system with Bluetooth, GPS, sunbathing area, awning, toilet (availability depending on which boat you hire) and anything else you’d like to request. You can bring your own food and drink, or ask us to provide it, and you can also rent lilos and floats, or snorkelling equipment.

You can book a boat without a skipper for half a day (4 hours in the morning or the afternoon, as you prefer) from 300 euros, or from 500 euros for a full day (9 hours of your choice between 11:00 a.m. and 9 p.m.). However, please bear in mind that the price depends not only on which boat you choose, but also the season. Our recommendation:

always book with Open Boats, even if you see our boats on other websites. We are the owners, and you’ll find the best price on our website.


What do I need to get a speedboat rental in Ibiza without a skipper?

Most importantly, you need the license that each boat requires. If you have at least the Navigation License (the first level of the five types of boat licenses in Spain, sometimes known in Spanish as el titulín), you can charter one of our yachts with a license measuring 5 metres in length, while for bigger boats, you’ll need at least the Basic Navigation Skipper (Patrón de Navegación Básica – PNB) license.

To get the best price and save on time, we recommend booking directly with us through our website, where you can choose the date, time and boat that best suits you. After choosing the extras you’d like, you can confirm your booking by making a payment for 30% of the rental price, with the remaining 70% paid on the day of the rental, before you get on board.

Is bad weather forecast on your chosen day? Don’t worry: you can change the day of the booking completely free of charge. And if no other date suits you, we’ll refund 100% of the money. That’s our promise.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to leave a deposit for this type of rental, which will be completely refunded to you at the end of the rental if there is no damage to the boat: the deposit needed is 500 euros for our 40 HP boats with a license, and 1,000 euros for the seven-metre Bayliner VR6.

Please also remember that fuel is not included and is paid for separately: the cost will depend on the number of occupants in the boat, their weight, the navigation speed, and the route taken. The 40 HP boats consume between 40 and 60 euros per day. The seven-metre Bayliner VR6 consumes 70-120 euros if you take it along the western coast of Ibiza, and 160-200 euros if you travel to Formentera.


What boats can I rent with Open Boats if I have the Navigation License?

You can choose between renting 3 boats without a skipper with us:

Selva 40 HP:

Boat of 5 metres in length, which requires the Navigation License (the most basic Spanish boat license, known as el titulín). Maximum 6 people.

Bayliner 40 HP:

Boat of 5 metres in length, which requires the Navigation License (el titulín). Maximum 5 people.

These two boats are ideal for couples, families or small groups, who are looking for a boat rental with a license but don’t want to pay an excessive price: they consume between 40 and 60 euros of fuel in a full day of rental. With them, you can travel the western coast of Ibiza up to Es Vedrá islet, but it is NOT possible to go to Formentera.
Bayliner VR6 225 HP:

Boat of 7 metres in length, which requires the Basic Navigation Skipper license (Spain’s Patrón de Navegación Básica – PNB).

This is our star boat here at Open Boats for yacht charters in Ibiza with a license, not only because of its greater size and specifications, but because of its capacity for up to 10 people, which is uncommon in boats of this length.

With this boat, you can travel to Formentera and back.

While it is possible to rent it with a skipper, at Open Boats we also allow individuals with a Basic Navigation Skipper (PNB) license to rent it: something that very few boat rental companies in Ibiza offer.

At Open Boats, we offer you boat rentals with a license that include the full range of safety measures and are fully equipped to provide maximum comfort and luxury in your own “cruise” around Ibiza, while you captain one of our boats. And if you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us: we’re here to help you.


Frequent questions:

What type or license or qualification do I need for a boat rental without a skipper?

As a minimum, you’ll need the Navigation License (sometimes called el titulín in Spanish).

What is the maximum size of boat I can rent with a license at Open Boats?

7 metres in length.

What are the minimum age requirements to rent one of these speedboats?

16 years, as this is the minimum age you can obtain the Navigation License.

How does the booking and payment process work?

Bookings are made on the website, by making a 30% advance payment. The rest is paid on the rental day in the harbour.

What are the cancellation and refund policies if I need to cancel my rental?

You can change or cancel the trip and we’ll refund you 100% of the money, unless the cancellation is made less than a week in advance: in this case, we are not able to refund the price paid for the booking.

Will I need to take out insurance for the boat and passengers?

The Open Boats booking includes insurance covering civil liability and damages “to third parties”. There is no need to take out additional insurance.
The “third-party” insurance does not cover any damage you cause during the rental: this will be deducted from the deposit.

What equipment and accessories are included in the rental?

The boats are equipped with a fridge, music system with Bluetooth, and GPS. You can hire other extras, such as a GoPro, floats and water toys, food and drink, snorkelling equipment, etc.

Is there any limit to the distance I can navigate without a skipper in Ibiza?

With the Selva 40 HP and Bayliner 40 HP five-metre boats, you can only travel along the western coast of Ibiza, as far as Es Vedrá. With the Bayliner VR6 seven-metre boat, you can travel to and from Formentera.

What are the safety recommendations for piloting these boats?

Before setting off, we’ll give you some safety recommendations and advice about your route. Please don’t run around the deck, sit in a stable position while you navigate the boat, and walk with your body leaning towards the centre of the boat.

What responsibilities do I have as skipper of the boat?

As skipper, you are responsible for the safety of the boat and its occupants.

Is it possible to rent a boat with Open Boats all year round, or is there a specific season?

At Open Boats, the season for boat rentals in Ibiza with a license runs from April 1 to October 15.

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