What to do in Ibiza’s markets

Las Dalias is Ibiza’s most famous market but there are plenty others to choose from, and every visit to the island should take in at least one. While fans of bargain-hunting and hippie chic are likely to make the most of these unique shopping experiences, Ibiza’s markets have become an idiosyncratic addition to the island’s way of life and customs that anyone can enjoy.

What can you find in Ibiza’s markets? Anything from the ideal outfit for a night-time beach party (with requisite accessories) to decorative pieces for your home, hand-crafted products, organic Mediterranean produce and antiques of all shapes and sizes. Originality knows no bounds among these outdoor stalls, where you’re sure to find just what you didn’t know you were looking for. We’re ready to go shopping. Will you join us?

Touring the hippy markets of Ibiza

Since becoming a refuge for free spirits in the mid-twentieth century, the hippy community has entered into the annals of Ibizan history, embraced by even the most traditional islanders. And hippy culture has left its mark on every last corner of the island: from its architecture and interior décor to the artisan markets and street vendors you can find in any of its towns. Plan your days well to visit the following markets at a relaxed pace:

Tuesdays: Benirrás Market (Sant Joan)

Our tour starts on a beach known for its bohemian crowd, who welcome in the sunset with drums each Sunday. From midday to midnight in summer, this beach in northern Ibiza holds its Flower Power party, with a fun market full of makeshift stalls selling clothes, jewellery, hand-crafted products and more.

Wednesdays: Punta Arabí (Es Canar, Santa Eulària)

In operation since the 1970s, this is the largest and longest-running hippie market in Ibiza. From April to October, business in nearby Santa Eulària revolves around the over 400 stalls of Punta Arabí in Es Canar, where you can find clothes, craftwork, natural cosmetics and hidden spots for soaking up culture and relaxation (exhibitions, musical performances, massage areas, etc.).

Thursdays: Cala Llonga Hippy Market

Thursday afternoons (between May and October) are when you should head to this Santa Eulària beach to shop at its market. The scenery, wide range of artisan products and the magic of its sunsets make this an essential stopover if you’re heading down the coast from Punta Arabí towards Ibiza Town. It has a large free parking area, and several bars and restaurants nearby.

Fridays: Art & Mercat (Sant Antoni)

Open all year round, with a different timetable in low season, Sant Antoni’s old town is transformed into the perfect setting for its travelling market of local, organic and hand-crafted products, where you can also share in the large community paella and enjoy live music.

Saturdays: Sant Jordi flea market and Las Dalias – Ibiza’s hippest of hippy markets

In the morning, pay a visit to Sant Jordi’s old racetrack and one of the islanders’ favourite markets: Sant Jordi flea market. As well as true bargains – most readily available at the beginning and end of the summer season – you can also find spontaneous live music at this second-hand market, as well as a café to recharge your batteries between shopping sessions.

In the afternoon, it’s time to head over to Las Dalias: Ibiza’s hippy market par excellence (near San Carlos) and a genuine tourist hotspot. With over 30 years of history, all kinds of products are on offer in the more than 200 stalls of its Saturday hippy market. In the rest of the week, it hosts a whole range of activities, all with musical accompaniment and exquisite food on offer in its bars and restaurants.

Sundays: Cala Llenya Market (Santa Eulària)

If you’re someone who likes to finish the week browsing among stalls, there are plenty of Sunday markets in Ibiza. But we wanted to tell you about one that few tourists know of, which makes it very popular with the locals. At Cala Llenya market, on the east coast, you can listen to good music when you’re done shopping, before enjoying a typical Ibizan paella at this beach’s restaurant. Parking is free and it’s usually easy to find a space.

Every afternoon (in high season): Ibiza Town Markets

From May to October Ibiza Town is full of street markets selling jewellery, accessories and all kinds of local crafts. They’re held every afternoon among the winding streets of the fishing quarter, from early afternoon until midnight.How about adding an exciting experience to your trip to Ibiza?Hire a boat

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