Some are impressive, some are emotional and others end up being a total disaster, despite all the planning and preparation.  That said, absolutely all proposals are a surprise for at least one half of the couple.  Unless they discover your plans [or the ring’s secret hiding place], you still have time to make that relationship milestone unforgettable by proposing in style.  There’s nothing to it: organize a trip away from the daily routine and get down on one knee at the least-expected moment.  Not sure where to go? There’s no need to fly to the other side of the world. Here are our suggestions for some of the most romantic and extraordinary places to propose in Spain.

The best places to propose in Spain

We’ve all heard stories of couples who got engaged at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, on a gondola in Venice, on the top of the Empire State Building… These are all beautiful locations to propose.  But if you want your story to be a little bit different, you might choose to propose in Spain, where there are a host of less well-trodden romantic destinations for that important moment.  Let us take you through some dream scenarios for your proposal in Spain:

  1. The Irati forest, in the Navarra region.  If nature and adventure are two of your shared passions, you won’t find a more ideal setting.  Reserve a night in a country house on the edge of this impressive forest and take your partner on what they’ll think is a hiking trip through this haven of biodiversity.  With the rich green of the trees as your backdrop and in total privacy, that “yes!” is almost guaranteed.
  2. Madrid’s Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) or ‘El Capricho’ Park in the Alameda de Osuna neighbourhood.  The Spanish capital is home to some real hidden treasures where you can ask for their hand in an unforgettable way. You might end up with an impromptu audience, as these attractive sights are popular with tourists, but that will just heighten the sense of anticipation.
  3. The Alhambra at sunset. Granada might just be one of the most romantic cities in Spain, if not Europe, and the Alhambra’s elegant silhouette one of the most iconic in Andalusia.  The Alhambra is one of the most special places on this list of Spanish settings for your proposal, especially in the light of the setting sun.  You can spring your surprise on one of the evening tours around the historic complex or from San Nicolás viewpoint on a hilltop opposite, with the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background.
  4. Under the Mediterranean Sea, snorkelling in one of Ibiza’s bays.  Who’s to say you can’t ask for someone’s hand mermaid [or merman]-style? Hire a boat with no licence required, travel around the island from coast to coast and organize an afternoon of aquatic activities.  While you’re getting to know all the hidden-away places under the Mediterranean waves, reveal your own hidden secret .  Who knows, perhaps you could end up improvising an Ibizan wedding?
  5. At the ‘end of the world’, known in Spanish as Cabo Finisterre.  The beaches, landscape and sunsets over the vast Atlantic provide the perfect excuse to take your partner to Galicia, and the westernmost edge of the Earth [according to the Romans]. Look for the famous lighthouse and use its light to guide your proposal and your future married life.
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