How much spending money will you need for your trip to Ibiza?


How much spending money will you need for your trip to Ibiza?


When thinking about holidays, we can go for all or nothing: a restful week away from home without thinking about price, or a few days of relaxation with the costs meticulously planned.  Most tourists and travel enthusiasts find ourselves somewhere between these two extremes.  Normally, we organize each of our adventures a few months in advance to save on price and, once we’re in our destination, we allow ourselves the occasional indulgence without losing sight of the budget completely.

When planning a trip to the largest of the Pine Islands (as Ibiza, Formentera and the surrounding islets are known), we’re likely to be warned repeatedly about the high prices on the island. But how much spending money will you need for your trip to Ibiza? We’ll grab a calculator and help you draw up an approximate budget for your next Mediterranean getaway.

The price of travelling to Ibiza

Before calculating how much a trip to Ibiza will cost, we’d like to do away with one of the most common myths about the “Magic Island”.  Deciding to spend your holiday in this part of the Mediterranean doesn’t have to be more expensive than any other destination in Spain.  All you need is to plan a little and avoid the most touristy establishments (where prices will inevitably be higher).  Here is how an approximate budget for a trip to Ibiza would look:

How expensive is Ibiza?

  • Flights with low-cost companies for around €90 per person.  You can get plane tickets for a bargain if you book them far enough in advance, particularly if you can fly from London.
  • Accommodation. It´s important to get to know the different areas of the island, and which of them best suit the aims of your trip.  When it comes to price, booking a room in a 4* hotel in the centre of Ibiza Town isn’t the same as staying in a self-catering apartment next to San Antonio Bay.  The difference between these two options can range from €150 to €500 per person for six nights (depending on the apartment’s quality rating). Reserve the accommodation when you book your flights, as the rates can shoot up in just a week.  You also have the option of staying at one of Ibiza’s campsites for very affordable prices.
  • Food and drink. If you’ve decided on a self-catering apartment, the savings are in your hands. You simply have to go to the supermarket and come up with your own dishes.  If you want to treat yourself or you have no choice but to eat out every day, look out for where the locals go to eat.  There, you’ll be guaranteed good food at affordable prices (set lunch menus between €10 to €13).
  • Getting around. You can rent a bike, moped, car or even a boat for your trips around the island.  Renting a boat without a licence is an option that can be surprisingly affordable for short trips, although if you want to get to know Ibiza really well, it’s best to hire an alternative means of transport.  A moped will cost around €100/week and a car from €120.
  • Nightlife. If you’re coming to Ibiza to get to know its party scene, bear in mind that entry to the big clubs is not cheap (€30-60), nor are drinks in some of the most famous venues (over €15).  To make a bit of a saving, you can take advantage of the discounts that you’ll see being handed out near the clubs, or book tickets in advance over the internet.
  • Other things to do. There are also a whole host of ways to enjoy and discover Ibiza for free, from visiting archaeological ruins to seeking out a local street fiesta, so you needn’t spend one euro too much during your stay.

Going on these calculations and without major excesses or constraints, a week in Ibiza can total around €550 in high season (including only the essential costs).  Does that sound like an affordable budget for your next holiday?

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