Why travel makes us happy

If you’re seeking happiness, your best bet may be to strap on a backpack and go looking for it. Why? Because travel can make us much happier than money or possessions. At least, that’s what an increasing number of experts tell us.  Before, during and after an adventure away from home, we get a sense of satisfaction and well-being that few other experiences provide.  If you’re someone who relishes each new voyage of discovery and finds any excuse to get away from it all, you don’t need experts to tell you this.

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But what are the benefits of travel that make our wanderlust so insatiable? Why does travel make us happy? We reveal the best-kept secrets of the most seasoned globetrotters and discover that we have important reasons (beyond Instagram photos) for wanting to travel to Ibiza or any other destination on the planet.

Beneficios de viajarThe road to happiness: what drives us to travel?

Being happy is no easy task.  Most of us spend our lives looking for that feeling of pleasure and vitality, without realising that it’s well within our grasp. According to researchers, all it takes is packing our bags and setting off to discover the world. But why does travel make us feel so good?

  • We wave goodbye (temporarily) to the daily routine.  Working/studying, going to the gym, picking up the kids, getting ready for the next day…. And so, the weeks and months pass by.  Any activity that can break with these repetitive habits makes us happier: from a quick meet-up with friends, to a hen or stag party in Ibiza.
  • We gain self-esteem and confidence in our abilities. Travelling means venturing out of our comfort zone.  When faced with new situations, we have to make a real effort to overcome any challenges and adapt to a different environment.  After all, if we don’t take the plunge, who will?
  • We have more free time and, most importantly, more time for ourselves.  Sometimes our unhappiness is rooted in not paying enough attention to ourselves.  Travel makes us happy because it lets us set aside some “me time”, forget our responsibilities, and take more (and better) care of ourselves.
  • We feel freer, more adaptable and sociable. Whenever, wherever and however you want. That’s the maxim of all the best trips, which give you an unrivalled sense of freedom and fulfilment.
  • We gain unforgettable experiences, stories and memories. The best advice anyone can give you is to travel more. Part of our mind lives in the present; the other wanders through the hidden corners of our memories. And travel is the perfect way to fill those hideaways with the best experiences. For example, the feeling when you take the helm of a charter boat for the first time is, without doubt, one of the most unforgettable memories you can take away from your trip to Ibiza.
  • We appreciate what we have more.  On any great adventure, we still miss our home-life: our favourite food (although, with the help of a good guide, discovering new dishes can be a highlight), our bed, our traditions… Why travel? To discover the world, of course, but also to rediscover our love for what’s waiting for us back home.


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